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January Newsletter


Vitalizer for: bruising, hair, joints
Shaklee 180: Michelle loses 85 pounds
Carlos down 55 pounds
Flintstones … a chemical mess!
Shaklee Incredivites beats Flintstones
Molly’s skin shines with YOUTH
Herbal Blend … a true “miracle worker”
Defend & Resist … knocks out a cold quick!
Sarah is still teaching
Shaklee goes “beyond” Organic
Study shows weight loss of 7#’s in 7 Days!
7 Day Cleanse works
OptiFlora reverses 9 month old’s Eczema
Dead part of heart regenerated with VIVIX
Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant
Energizing Soy Protein … Tried and True
Nature Bright & Basic H stain testimonials
Chemical products in the home put children at risk

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