3 Immunity Builders


“Right after Thanksgiving, everyone in the house was getting a virus with sinus, sore throat, and congestion. I started to get swollen glands but no other symptoms. So, I decided to take Defend and Resist, NutriFeron, and Immunity Formula I. I never got sick like the others and my glands began to recede from their swelling. It was great to stand up against illness.
Last week, my husband came down with a sore throat and he insisted on sticking with his “Cold Eeze” lozenges. About 4 days later, I started to get a dry throat. In the night it began to hurt really bad, but I got up and took NutriFeron, Immunity Formula I, and Defend and Resist. When I woke up, the pain was gone. I was healed. It was so surprising, because I have never had a sore throat go away so quickly. These 3 immune boosters are keeping me healthy and are fighting for me.”                Beth Beebe

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