Marathoners “Turn-Around” Shaklee Story

MARATHONERS Mother and Daughter Run the Twin Cities MarathonMarathoners Success Story

Our first marathon versus our second marathon had major differences. For our first marathon we trained for about 6 months. We experienced a lot of joint pain and cramping but figured it was just part of the process … the body was just responding to extreme exercise and it was to be expected.

Then the big day came and we felt great and were excited about what we were about to accomplish. Gradually as we progressed the pain and cramping increased. At about mile 19 we began to hit the “wall” and Maddie’s whole right side cramped up; finishing the race was a big question mark! But sheer determination pulled us both through to the end.

Two years later we decided once again to sign up for the Twin Cities Marathon, but this time we only had 4 months to train. And once again the old familiar joint pain and cramping was part of the process. Then in talking to my mother-inlaw and reading about folks who had reversed their joint issues, I thought … “Maybe we should give Joint Health Complex by Shaklee, a try.”

Long story short we took lots of the Joint Health product along with the Hydrate Stick Packs while running, the Physique Build shakes and the Recovery Complex right after the run, and you guessed it ….. the cramping and joint problems and soreness went away. (note: the joint product was also taken on a daily basis outside of the runs) This time our marathon, while still very challenging, did not come with all the problems. As we ran we took the Hydrate powder and put it under our tongue and then swished it with water along with taking a Joint Health tablet. We would do this every 30-40 minutes.

After our first marathon we struggled to get “up and running” for a good week as we were totally “wiped out”. Not so with the second marathon. The very night after the marathon we met for dinner and socializing and back at work the next day!! We can hardly believe the major physical differences in the two marathons!

THANK YOU SHAKLEE … Wendy Kreuscher

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