Allergies and Asthma Gone!

“I Got My Life Back”  . . . . .

I had severe allergies and chronic infections for 11 years before Shaklee. As I began taking the Shaklee supplements I started to have less allergy symptoms and less infections. As time went on I had no specific allergic reactions to anything but I would have to blow my nose periodically. When I started on the NutriFeron I no longer had to blow my nose at all. That was a measurable and specific improvement. I no longer show having had allergies at all. And I have lots of energy. Anybody with severe allergies can tell you that lacking energy is a big issue. Shaklee truly did give me my life back.                     TobieAllergies_Asthma


“Good Bye Asthma”  . . . . .

 My son started taking NutriFeron around the middle of the winter in 2005.  He usually had terrible allergies in the spring which would trigger his asthma.  This had happened for the last 7 or so years. I didn’t think to put him on the NutriFeron until I had read an email about it really helping kids with asthma.

Well, spring came and he did not have to use any of his preventive medicine for the allergy season.  When I went to the doctor for a physical for another child, my doctor asked me how Christopher was doing with his asthma.  I said he was doing great. The doctor replied, “That preventive medicine really helps during this season.”

I said, “He’s not on any of the preventive medicine you  gave him; but I do have him on an immune system builder through Shaklee.”  He looked surprised.  We continue to see great results with his asthma ever since he has been on the NutriFeron.  What a great product!                   Tammy Johnson, WI

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