Arthritic Pain

Agonizing Pain

At 73 years of age I was suffering from severe arthritis pain penetrating my joints, flesh and bones on my left arm all day and night. I was in agonizing pain; I combined a treatment of essential oils, pain medicine, turmeric capsules and it would only help alleviate the pain for 2 hours. I also had my doctor give me 6 shots every 3 months to reduce the pain. With the shots I was pain free for only 3-4 days, however, the side effects from the shots were severe painful twitches on my left arm. vitalizer boxes

I had pain from the elbow to my shoulder and neck; I could not lift my left arm or move it. In addition I had headaches and experienced pain on both arms and legs. If I had to drive and travel on the road for 2 hours or more I had swollen feet and hands.

After taking Shaklee Vitalizer Gold and Vital Mag for 2 weeks all pain, twitches are completely gone. No more swelling of my feet and arms, no more pain. I am telling everyone about Shaklee vitamins because I have tried every name brand vitamins in the health food stores and nothing compares to Shaklee. It’s the real deal, I am pain free thanks to Shaklee vitamins!  C. Alvarez

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