masked little girlMy daughter Rileigh is 2 years old and as two year olds go we deal with tantrums and fits.  In addition to all of that, she was on 3 different medications and breathing treatments for asthma. We decided to try Shaklee products and since she began taking the Incredivites from Shaklee, Rileigh no longer needs to take her medications or do any breathing treatments. We didn’t realize how much of a difference Shaklee made until one weekend when Rileigh was not able to take her vitamins and by Monday her cough was back and she was extremely clingy and fussy. We immediately got her back on her vitamins twice a day and she was a whole new kid. Her coughing stopped, she stopped fussing, she wasn’t as clingy and was overall a happier two year old.        

Jessica G., Colorado

The Shaklee Difference

Incredivites is the first chewable multi in the US to contain lactoferrin, which supports a healthy immune system in kids. 

What is lactoferrin? It’s an important protein found in breast milk.

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