Wendy’s Favorite Cleanse Ever!

This has been my favorite cleanse EVER. I have learned a ton about supplements and their benefits. Hello ALFALFA for joint pain and inflammation – you are my new best friend! Also I tried a bunch of new and delish

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Chronic Stomach Pain

I have suffered with a low level chronic pain in my lower right gut for more than 14 years. Nothing has ever helped get rid of it and I resigned myself to it being something I just had to live

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Severe Bone on Bone Knee Pain Gone

I was in urgent care last Friday, having so much pain in my knees I could barely stand.  X-rays show that my knees were bone on bone.  I started taking Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex …. a triple dose per day,

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No More “Waste”

Tired of throwing product away? “TIP” Cut the tube and you’ll find lots of product! Slide the two together to prevent the product from drying out.

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