Bad Memory after Migraine Meds

Marjon Barreto After years of being on migraine preventative meds that had my memory so shot I was afraid to speak to people because I knew I would forget simple words. I’ve been on Shaklee MindWorks just over a year

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Shaklee … What a Blessing!

Stacy is a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her husband Greg is a pilot for United Airlines and they have 4 children age 16-32, and 2 grand children ages 6 weeks and 2 years.  Prior to starting a Shaklee business, Stacy

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Shaklee Dish Wash

This fresh scented Dish Wash is soft on hands and the earth but tough on grease. You need only a few drops to tackle a pile of greasy dinner aftermath.  One bottle lasts forever! It’s natural, nontoxic, hypoallergenic, ph-balanced and

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