PRODUCTS YOU CAN COUNT ON: 1. NutriFeron 2. Formula I 3. Alfalfa Thanks to Alfalfa and NutriFeron I am free of all the nasty side effects from allergy medications! I was allergic to virtually “everything” it seemed and was resigned

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Prostate Tumor

Lowell’s doctor found a tumor on his prostate gland. Lowell talked with a few friends who are biochemists — and they recommended no biopsy. He began using 2 doses of Vivix per day along with his other supplements. Every 6

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Glaucoma: The pressure in both my eyes was 18 and the Dr. suggested laser surgery. He said it needed to be in the low teens. After 3 months of taking Vivix my eye pressure went down to 12 in one eye and

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Immune Building Energy Drink

This is my favorite drink …. It tastes great and is so healthy!    I add room temperature water to dissolve the  Vitalized Immunity tab & 1-2 packets of the Energizing Tea, mix or shake and add ice.   Healthy

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I have my life back!

Women’s Health Month inspired me to share my journey to optimal health. I joined Shaklee because of their non-toxic cleaning products and commitment to the golden rule and naturalness of products. However, the reason I remained with Shaklee was because

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