The “many uses” of BASIC G

  This Germ Killer goes a long way … just 1 Tbsp. in a gallon of water. On cleaning day wipe down floors, cabinets, toilets, appliances, garbage cans, door knobs and on and on! Then to get the “germ bugs”

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Meniere’s … Vertigo

  “I have Meniere’s and my Vertigo is controlled with B Complex and Alfalfa. Both have natural diuretic qualities. (3 B Complex and 12 Alfalfa spread throughout the day) Plus I take 2 Vita Lea per day.” Barb S. Note:

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Janitorial Service … Why Shaklee?

JANITORIAL SERVICE RESPONDS TO “WHY SHAKLEE? “Because they work at a price that works for us.” Melanie, you asked me to tell you about our experience using Shaklee “green” products in our janitorial services business. I’d like to tell you

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Mango Tango Shake

BLEND: New, Improved … French Vanilla Life Shake Almond Milk (or a favorite milk) Ice 1 Tbsp. Lemon Juice Frozen or Fresh Mango (or Pineapple, Strawberries etc.) 1/2 Banana (fresh or frozen) Try the New “French” Vanilla & “Dark” Chocolate!

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Headaches & OmegaGuard

OmegaGuard is the BEST for headaches/migraines!  When my daughter had her last child 21 years ago, the doc apologized to her because he had mistakenly drained some spinal fluid when giving her the epidural and explained that she would have

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My client has Prostate Cancer with very high white blood cells. He started with 1 Tsp. of Vivix – his blood test showed a decrease in the white blood cells; so, he started taking 2 tsp. of Vivix. His blood

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