Chronic Stomach Pain

I have suffered with a low level chronic pain in my lower right gut for more than 14 years. Nothing has ever helped get rid of it and I resigned myself to it being something I just had to live

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Severe Bone on Bone Knee Pain Gone

I was in urgent care last Friday, having so much pain in my knees I could barely stand.  X-rays show that my knees were bone on bone.  I started taking Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex …. a triple dose per day,

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No More “Waste”

Tired of throwing product away? “TIP” Cut the tube and you’ll find lots of product! Slide the two together to prevent the product from drying out.

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Cystic Acne for 21 Years

My husband, Lowell, suffered from cystic acne from the age of 15 until age 36, at which time we found Shaklee. He was on Tetracycline for 18 years and Accutane for 6 months. He had been on a strict diet

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Basic H for Burns

No Blistering! I was ironing and accidentally dropped the iron onto the floor! As it fell it hit the inside of my right hand fingers. I quickly began to saturate the burned area with Shaklee’s Basic H. As the heat

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