Professional Coach Physically Challenged at 50!

“Come on Dad show me how to shoot!”

coachThere was the basketball rolling across the patio and my daughter begging me to teach her how to make a basket.

Maybe if she had asked me 2 years earlier I could have done it, but now as I was approaching 50 I couldn‘t even lift my arms above my shoulders. Shoot a basketball? I use to – a lot. In fact, I even coached professionally so shooting was an everyday occurrence, but no longer. The pain in both shoulders was just too much. But did it compare with the pain of not being able to train my own daughter in the sport I loved?

As I contemplated my possibilities, I remembered hearing on a Shaklee CD about a woman who had arthritis and she got relief by doubling the daily Alfalfa dosage. I too decided to double the dosage to see what would happen. I was glad to know that you can‘t overdose on Shaklee products, the same way you can‘t overdose on Skittles or hot dogs. Shaklee is food based not chemical based.

For 2 weeks I paid close attention to the pain and it wasn‘t any different. So I gave up paying attention, but I kept up my Alfalfa intake. Then one afternoon as I was picking stuff up in the backyard I saw the basketball lying there. Without thinking I grabbed the ball and took 3 shots. I dribbled and shot and all of a sudden it dawned on me – no pain! It was gone and I now take the recommended dosage of Alfalfa each day for maintenance.

As for my daughter – I was able to teach her a little and she made the varsity basketball team as a sophomore. I‘m so glad I not only had Shaklee Alfalfa, but I had access to a world of information so I could get relief.

Tom D.

ALFALFA : Green superfoodalfalfa plant

The roots of the alfalfa plant burrow deep to reach minerals inaccessible to other plants. It’s a storehouse of nutrients, searching out nutrients and minerals from deposits in the soil, while its leaves contain abundant chlorophyll, an essential component of photosynthesis.

Shaklee uses ultra-pure, premium alfalfa grown to maintain vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll-rich leaves. Alfalfa Complex contains no fungicides, bacteriocides, synthetic hormones, or growth regulators.


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