Cystic Acne for 21 Years

Lowell DietzMy husband, Lowell, suffered from cystic acne from the age of 15 until age 36, at which time we found Shaklee. He was on Tetracycline for 18 years and Accutane for 6 months. He had been on a strict diet of no dairy for all of those years, to no avail. He could not use Accutane and fly commercial airplanes so he got off the drug, but the acne came back!

Then Shaklee came into our lives and that changed everything with his skin. Shaklee Vita Lea is the leader in the Natural Supplement industry, so it was a product line we could trust.

Lowell figured out how much Shaklee Vita Lea he could take to get the equivalent of the synthetic A in the drug. 6 months of being on Vita Lea fixed the problem with his skin and he no longer had Cystic acne, including the scars!!

With the help of the following his skin normalized, even to this day:

1) The best nutritional supplements    anywhere, and in the balanced amounts his body needed

2) Being off two horrible drugs

3) Getting on OptiFlora probiotic

4) No longer having a restrictive diet

He now takes 6 Vita Lea per day as he needs more than people without skin issues. His diet is full of vegetables and one or two fruits per day — and much less meat; all of this keeps him super healthy. 

Linda Dietz

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