Excruciating Knee Pain

Shaklee Joint HealthWell, I never, ever, thought I’d be writing a testimonial for vitamins!! 

I’ve been a total unbeliever for years … to me that whole thing was “snake oil” and just a way to get your money!

After I had knee surgery on one of my knees a few months ago, I thought that I would be good as new.  Not so .. now “both” knees were in terrible pain.  We were with our friends, Brian and Lorri, when I revealed that because of my knees I could not walk far.  Lorri, the committed Shaklee gal, offered her advise on the benefits of her Joint product.  I quickly told her that I was not a believer in that kind of thing and I didn’t want to take more pills.  She left it alone and I went home, but as the pain persisted I thought back to her recommendation and thought, “What the heck! … I might as well try.”  Lorri got me started on the Joint Health Complex (I started with 4 a day for about a week and then reduced it to 2 a day).  Shortly after the pills ran out, I talked to Brian and told him that the pills had not worked. 

As the days went on, the pain returned and got more and more intense.  I realized then that maybe the pills had worked.! I called Lorri and told her I needed more and that after being off of the pills, I did see a significant difference.  So while I’m still not buying into lots of vitamins, I am a believer in the Joint Health Complex pills!!  They are making a huge difference in my knee pain.  Lorri is suggesting that I stick with 4 a day to get even better results.                   John Noterman

Lorri’s comments:  How exciting is this!!  I’m hoping to convince John one day of the value of Alfalfa and  Vivix.  He will start aging in reverse and feel 20 years younger.

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