Eyes: Improved Sight & Glaucoma


I’ve had to wear glasses since 6th grade and my dad had macular degeneration. Since both CarotoMax and Vivix are well known for their eye health benefits, I took both products faithfully. A few years ago I bumped Vivix up to 3 gel caps/day.Recently I began seeing friends struggle with driving at night and having cataract surgery. This led me to increase CarotoMax to 2 a day. 6 months after increasing my CarotoMax, I went to renew my license …. Drum roll please …. I passed the eye test WITHOUT GLASSES after all these years!! I am thrilled. Rita


My friend Don has GLAUCOMA and has been getting shots in his eye every 4 weeks.  He wanted to try CarotoMax to see if it might help. He started using two tablets per day 3 weeks prior to his next appointment.  During his doctor visit the doctor asked what he had been doing differently because the pressure in his eye had dropped 60%.  His doctor now has him returning every 8 weeks.  Don is hoping to continually improve on that with the use of CarotoMax. Alohana Jackson

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