Joint comfort in FIVE days!

Get back in the game ….runners

“I am a runner and regularly experienced joint discomfort when I ran. I have felt significant improvement in my joint comfort after using Shaklee Joint Health Complex.” C. Carlson

“I did a 62-mile bike ride in the mountains, and my knees felt great.” Terry O.

“I install floor covering for a living, and I am on my knees all day. Joint Health Complex helped all my joints feel better: knees, shoulders, hips, and hands.” Don K.

“I love to play hockey, and found that my 42 year old knees were giving me a lot of grief. After using Joint Health Complex, I will never go without it. It really helped.” Ken H.

joint health comparisonJOINT HEALTH COMPLEX BY SHAKLEE:

Contains concentrated glucosamine and a patented, fast-acting form of boswellia extract. Improves joint mobility and flexibility while  supporting long-term joint health.

In a published study, boswellia extract was shown to improve joint comfort in as few as five days:

  • Up to 28 percent faster than leading brands
  • Rated to be 45 percent more effective at long-term joint comfort
  • Provides up to 31 percent more ease of motion

Joint Health Complex proven to:

  • Improve cushioning
  • Maintain healthy connective tissue
  • Increase joint comfort

Safe, Proven, 100% Guaranteed.


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