Knee Pain and Neuropathy Testimonials

Turmeric PwdSURGERY POSTPONED  “I’ve had worsening pain in both knees for years, and had the most painful knee injected with steroids. For years I took 3 Ibuprofen capsules, often three times daily. Last year the doctor said to stop taking the Ibuprofen due to bleeding and kidney function problems, and to take Tylenol instead. My orthopedic doctor advised me that I’d probably need my first knee replacement by January 2021. The Tylenol did nothing to ease my pain. I dreaded stairs (we have a split level home)…leaning heavily on the stair railing going down and pulling myself up every time. Getting in and out of cars was agony. Sound familiar? When Shaklee introduced the new Turmeric capsules, I thought “Why not?”
I noticed some reduction of pain after the first week. By the end of the second week it was undeniable…it was helping. Today, I can say that I have no pain. No pain at all in both knees. I made no diet changes.  I haven’t lost weight. I am taking no pain medications of any kind and have had no medical treatments of any kind. The ONLY change is that I started taking Shaklee Turmeric. I never thought I’d be writing a testimonial but I can’t deny what Turmeric has done for me”   Debbie H, Minneapolis

Brian Herbert Jacobson:  I’ve had NEUROPATHY in my legs for years. I’ve been using virtually everything that Shaklee has to offer for years. Then Turmeric came along and the pain in my legs has been greatly reduced, almost gone. Taking one a day.