Liver Diagnosis Not Good!

sick liver.comWhen I met Steve he was 45 years old, and he was dying. His liver was not functioning, he was jaundiced and trembling. The doctors told Steve he had about a month to live.

I felt sick imagining what he and his family were going through. Then I remembered the Shaklee products I grew up around, so my first thought was, “there must be something in the Shaklee arsenal to help combat his liver disease.” I called Bob and Zoe and they rushed Liver DTX and OptiFlora Pearls to my home in Georgia. The next day I met with Steve to give him the products.

As he used the Shaklee products, he started feeling better and by his next visit to the doctor, his liver was healing and regaining function. Steve is still among the living; his close call with death was over two years ago!. Thank you Bob, Zoe and Shaklee for playing a significant role in Steve’s recovery.          W. Cullen, GA