Liver Enzymes, Hepatitis C, Interferon

LiverLiver Enzymes Dropped from 800 to 34 Using Shaklee’s DTX & NutriFeron

My husband had a terrible car accident and required to be transfused three different times. The blood supply was not screened for Hepatitis-C. As a result my husband contracted Hepatitis-C. His liver enzymes were up to 800. Normal is between 0-40.

He stopped drinking and stopped taking over the counter pain medications. I began giving him Shaklee DTX. His liver enzymes went down to 200, but we could not get them down any lower.

At this time my husband was told he needed a liver biopsy to determine the extent of the damage. They wanted to begin interferon treatments, which I learned would make him extremely ill, feeling as if he had the flu all the time.

Instead of Interferon treatments, he began taking NutriFeron to boosts the body’s own natural interferon.  He took 2 per day along with 2 DTX. He’s been on the DTX for over a year now and NutriFeron for about six months.

At his last appointment the doctor told him that he does not need to go back to the gastroenterologist anymore because his liver enzymes are 34 … perfectly normal. Makes me want to cry, and my husband is absolutely ecstatic.  Sandy Marks, North Miami, FL