Macular Degeneration … Drug-Free Approach

I have an AMAZING and almost UNBELIEVABLE story to share:
My Grandpa has macular degeneration so when I got into Shaklee, I immediately got him started on Vivix.  He has been getting shots in his eyes for the past 4 years for his vision and had regressed to the point where he could no longer drive and couldn’t read. After being on Vivix for only 2 days before his next eye appointment …. he improved from 20/90 to 20/70! Surely this improvement could not have happened in only 2 days? Therefore, maybe it was the shots? … however, previously with the shots he wasn’t improving. One week later he saw more improvement going to 20/60. I was beyond excited now!! A full month later he saw even more improvement …. 20/50!! By his second month on Vivix, he reached 20/30!  My Grandpa is back driving and reading!! This is beyond incredible to me! He continues on Vivix but has added Vitalizer and Carotomax. Renae Karcher

Note:  Vivix has been known to help numerous other health issues: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Depression, Cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and various Degenerative Diseases

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