Newsletters by Lorri

July 2018 Topics

  • Topics Before and After … EYES and LIPS!
  • Stress Relief makes huge difference for teacher
  • Details on NutriFeron … Very “unique” product!
  • Doctor of the future will treat with NUTRITION
  • New Mom raves about Vitalizer (sleep, energy, breastfeeding)
  • Mary is the most pain free she has been in her adult life, after using Joint Health Complex!
  • ALOPECIA: Stephanie is seeing big changes with the help of Vitalizer and Vivix!
  • Yes MEN love the new Restoring Eye Treatment … you won’t believe these “results”
  • Eczema gone after using 2 Shaklee Products
  • Former teacher still teaching, only now it’s all about HEALTH
  • ACNE and YOUTH Skincare ….amazing results
  • Want thick, full HAIR? Check this out …
  • Keep your little “superhero” strong