NutriFeron Builds Immunity

When my husband was found to have COPD, I started giving him a double dose (4 pills) a day of NutriFeron. Then when his tests with the pulmonary specialist started getting better, he reduced his dosage to 2 pills a day. He still has some breathing problems but his last test showed normal numbers. He is also trying to walk every day and is more careful with his diet.
I was diagnosed with having a thyroid problem 44 years ago and I have been on Synthroid ever since. I have been faithful about getting a physical with blood tests once a year. Throughout all those years, the dosage of Synthroid has never gone down … UNTIL I started taking Nutriferon (a single dose). The doctor gradually started lowering my dosage of Synthroid to the point where I am now taking .123 MG a day.
Also, I have been on Benicar 20 MG for high blood pressure. The need for this drug is also being reduced … the doctor said to split the pill and take half a pill a day.
My husband and I are going to continue taking Nutriferon, since we are convinced it is helping us with overall health. I started taking Nutriferon to boost my immune system and it has done so much more. Connie P

DR. KOJIMAHow does NutriFeron work and what does it do in the body?
Interferon is crucial to a healthy immune function. The body makes interferon, but as we get older it makes less and less, putting us more at risk for diseases.
World-renowned immunologist Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima spent decades screening hundreds of botanicals to identify natural interferon boosters, creating the exclusive MACH® blend used in NutriFeron.
Shaklee NutriFeron boosts the body’s natural production of interferon and provides immune support at the cellular level. This patented product is a Shaklee exclusive and available ONLY through Shaklee. Nutriferon #20962

NOTE: ALLERGIES respond really well to NutriFeron.

NutriFeron Ingredients