PMS and Frequent Colds

Sherry’s Story: Strong Woman

“About 15 years ago my lifestyle was one that many would consider healthy – running, swimming & triathlons were not Vitalizer_Shakeunusual. But neither were horrific PMS and frequent colds. I remember being on the phone with my sister-in-law after a swim meet & her words …”are you sick? Again?!” I figured I was ‘normal’ because I knew lots of people my age with those same problems. accepted my mother’s invitation to try Shaklee. Once these premium supplements were integrated into my life, many things changed. Even things I didn’t think about… like more restful night’s sleep or mood swings gone, or junk food cravings gone. I learned that one thing is connected to a hundred others. I’m not one who thinks that taking vitamins replaces wise eating, but I do know that adding supplements changed my life. Shaklee Supplements made it much simpler for me to increase my nutrition on a regular daily basis and the quality of Shaklee products gave me the real results I needed.

But that’s not all! Shaklee is now my main source of income. While my health story is good news – my career story comes from a great passion. Few people who earn a living today actually LIKE what they do, much less love it. I LOVE working from home – I LOVE helping people experience better health – I LOVE the flexible hours.”

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