Shaklee is a Life Changer

Sarah Director” I was introduced to Shaklee products by my good friend Beth and saw how Shaklee had been completely ingrained in her life. I visited Beth for a week and every day we started with Vitalizer and Life Energizing Shakes, Energizing Tea in the afternoon, Energy Chews when we worked out, Physique and Performance after the gym and so on.

I helped Beth with cleaning the house that week and I think it was the Get Clean products that really got me! The Dish Wash didn’t dry out my hands, and the Fresh Laundry made my jeans so soft even after being hung to dry! And the Basic-H and the fact that I could use this product EVERYWHERE!

I also watched in amazement how Beth was able to run a business while her husband was deployed, with three boys under the age of three. I was so impressed, and I wanted everything she had and was doing!

I love getting to hear my friends and family’s transformation stories, like a friend’s dad who has lost weight and lowered his cholesterol, and friends who lose weight and feel better!” Sarah B, Shaklee Director


Rachael_TeacherFormer school teacher Rachel shares how a desire to feel better has translated into a new career and a new vision of herself as a leader.

“Although I loved being a teacher, I saw Shaklee as my way to have the ability to stay home with our growing family. It was something I always dreamed of but never thought would be possible.”

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