Sinus and Allergy Relief

Seasonal Allergies Caused My Sinus InfectionsAlfalfa

I had chronic sinus infections and was on antibx every 3 weeks. This caused so many issues health wise. At the end we found out it was undiagnosed seasonal allergies that caused me to have sinus infections. I decided to strengthen my immune system with the Shaklee NutriFeron, Garlic and Vitamin C daily. When I had the actual sinus infection I would take Defend and Resist around the clock until the infection was gone. Now I take NutriFeron daily. Angela

My Allergies Are In Control

I was outside for baseball practice for two hours this morning. The pollen was so thick that 5 minutes after I put my phone on the bleachers, the green powder had left a film on the screen. Guess what? Allergies aren’t even touching me today. And neither have any of the viruses that have been swirling around the area this winter, including the flu. In the past I would have gone through all of the allergy meds and inhalers. I hated all of the side effects. Some didn’t even work for allergies. A pollen count like today used to take me down for the entire day. I don’t think it’s possible to be any more grateful for finding a better way. Jill

Note: Jill takes 2 NutriFeron and 5-10 Alfalfa daily

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