Traumatic Brain Injury

Dear Lorri,Brain
Over a decade ago while stationed overseas I endured several severe concussions.  After I was medivacked back to America, I was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury being predisposed to headaches, short term memory loss, and several other debilitating injuries. I suffered these side effects for many years until I started to take 2 MindWorks a day.  Before taking MindWorks I would be talking to someone and forget a key word and then forget what I was trying to say. My wife, bless her heart, would then talk about something else so I would not be embarrassed. I used to lay my reading glasses down or my coffee cup down and have a hard time finding them. Now my wife rarely has to interrupt my conversation or help me find things. I hope and believe my short term memory will continue to improve while taking MindWorks. Thank you Shaklee and thank you Lord for this amazing supplement.
JD and Judy Jones
Cedar Ridge Farms

PS: JD informed me that he noticed his clarity significantly improve when he added CarotoMax to his daily routine. He also saw improvement with stress and anxiety when he added B Complex. JD is a hard working farmer and only in his 50’s, so having good health is a priority.  Lorri