Type 2 Diabetic Rejoices!

I didn’t fit the profile when I was diagnosed 17 years ago, and don’t fit it now. I was an avid runner, ate a clean healthy diet,GINA F_diabetes and was not overweight. Yet, I developed diabetes.
I determined to turn this around since I liked being able to see, liked having all my limbs, and didn’t want to die from heart disease. I took my eating habits to the next level …. Eating only low carb and low glycemic food, no sugar and didn’t overeat. I switched up my exercise regimen, adding weights to cardio.
Plus a big change for me was to add a nutritional supplement program. In addition to the basics (Soy Protein, Vitalizer and Vivix) I focused on Glucose Regulation Complex and Fiber Plan. I found that fiber in the diet is a key.
17 years later, I have the blood sugar levels of a non diabetic, I take no medication for my blood sugar, and I have no physical signs of damage to my eyes, limbs, or cardiovascular system due to diabetes. I’m living proof that you can live a full vibrant life with diabetes. Gina F.


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