Newsletters by Lorri

Spanish Newsletters were posted starting September of 2018, at which time bi-monthly newsletters were implemented.

September 2020 Topics

    • Shaklee provides NASA with Hydration Drink

    • 19 year old loves: B Complex, Alfalfa, GLA

    • Basic H extremely economical

    • Age in Reverse with YOUTH Skin Care

    • OptiFlora DI for digestion and immunity

    • 54 year old has lots of health problems

    • Critical Care Nurse builds Shaklee business

    • Vivix is 13 Times more effective than Resveratrol alone.

    • Glaucoma: Eye pressure lowered

    • Prostate Tumor is disappears

    • Vitamins in a “powder”

    • Compare Life Shake with Starbucks

    • Fall and Sring Allergies … solutions

    • NutriFeron, Formula I, and Alfalfa: allergy testimonials

    • Overnight Oats recipe

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