Newsletters by Lorri

Spanish Newsletters were posted starting September of 2018, at which time bi-monthly newsletters were implemented.

May 2019 Topics

  • 7 Day Cleanse Report
  • Weight, Snoring, Acid Reflux
  • Get Fit for Life with Shaklee 180
  • Dr. Northrup on Drugs
  • Severe Arthritis Pain
  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Teen Age “attitudes”
  • Great Body Wash
  • Boswellia for Inflammation
  • New Mascara a hit!
  • Joint Comfort in 5 Days
  • Look as Young as You Feel with YOUTH
  • Chemicals make you home a Toxic Brew!
  • Chemicals affect our minds
  • Get Clean Products are a “game changer”
  • Chondroitin good or bad choice?
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