Newsletters by Lorri

Spanish Newsletters were posted starting September of 2018, at which time bi-monthly newsletters were implemented.

March 2020 Topics

  • OmegaGuard: Headache Fix

  • Prostate Cancer and Vivix

  • Incredivites for Kids

  • Mango Tango Shaklee Shake Recipe

  • Excruciating Knee Pain

  • Knee Issues and vitamin D

  • Moody 17 year old

  • Energetic 81 year old & YOUTH

  • Janitorial Service & Shaklee Cleaners

  • Basic G a great Germ Killer

  • Love Shaklee’s Dry Sheets

  • Meniere’s/Vertigo under control

  • Dick’s 7 Day Cleanse Testimonial

  • Prove It Challenge: Kevin drops 73 pounds

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