Newsletters by Lorri

May 2020 Topics

  • Men’s Vitalizer = Energy & No More Sore Muscles for John

  • ProSante Hair Products are “Transformed”!

  • Deborah loves the Finishing Spray.

  • Beth quickly conquers Swollen Glands & Sore Throat.

  • Pet got a BIG Miracle with Alfalfa

  • Menopause, Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  • Hand Wash is also a Great “BODY WASH”

  • Little Kids stay healthy with OptiFlora Pearl Probiotic

  • Vivix: the “magic bullet” for Ulcerated Colitis

  • Good Bye Allergies and Asthma

  • Dr. Kojima’s Breakthrough in Immunity: NutriFeron

  • A Dramatic Story: COPD, Heart Failure, Blood Pressure/Cholesterol, Weight, Diabetes

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