Newsletters by Lorri

May 2021 Topics

  • 7 Day Cleanse & Prove It Challenge worked!

  • Wendy LOVES the “B” Happy Vitamin

  • Vitalizer results were HUGE

  • 80 year old’s “MINDWORKS” story

  • Youth Eye Treatment “Before & After”

  • Hot Flashes respond to supplement program

  • Breast Cancer and D3

  • Eczema’s relationship to toxic laundry products

  • Allergies/Infections don’t stand a chance with NutriFeron

  • Dr. says Glucose Regulation should be used by ALL

  • 30 Day Challenge dramatically changes Bob’s health

  • Warm Apple Recipe … YUM

  • Magnesium and cramps, sleep, anxiety, fatigue etc.

  • Empower your “Immune System” with NutriFeron

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