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Page through this interactive online Product Guide to see the full catalog of Shaklee products. Order just by clicking on an item, watch a video, share it in your social media site, on your blog, or just by sending a link to it in email to a friend. Watch the following videos  –  discover why so many folks LOVE Shaklee!

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Oct 06 Bob and Lorri copy
Bob and Lorri

My name is Lorri Kreuscher — I and my very special (late) husband Bob, are the proud parents to 3 great “kids” and grandparents to ten precious grandchildren. (Click pictures to get a closer view)

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Lorri's 3 Kids
Randy, Amber, Todd, Lorri
Family by the Memorial
Ellie, Todd, Dylan, Maddie, Wendy, Eric, Abby, Amber, Austin, Lorri, Michelle, Kinsey, Randy, Beau, Taylor, Laycie
Brian and Lorri











I have been extremely blessed to have enjoyed a wonderful, fulfilling career of helping people for 43 years. And as of September 2014, I have been joined in my business and my life with my amazing husband Brian who is 100% sold on Shaklee.
A special part of my job is to be your personal guide, to make sure you receive the very best customer service. I want you to know there’s a person behind the website who is there for you. As your advocate, feel free to e-mail or call me for any of the following:

1) Answers to questions about any of our products.
2) Information on the status of your order.
3) Recommendations on personalized nutrition programs to help you feel your best.
4) Recommendations on ways to help you look your best.
5) Recommendations on ways to help you enjoy a healthier, toxic-free home.
6) Information on purchasing a membership and saving money on your future purchases and enjoying other member-only benefits.
7) Information on how to start a successful in-home business of your own to improve your financial health and have the time to enjoy life.


Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I would love to hear from you

and respond to your questions or comments.


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