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Whether it’s natural tanning, hiding blemishes, long lasting lipsticks …. the “weluvit” cosmetics will not disappoint!

Summer or Winter …. a touch of color is needed!

Are you like me and refuse to go to the Tanning Salons but would like a soft, natural, healthy-looking tan … that doesn’t turn “orange” or rub off on your clothes?

On my website www.weluvit.net you will find a product called “All Over Glow” …. you will “LUV IT”!

I especially love to use it on my legs …. after bathing and shaving my legs I moisture and then apply a light coat and let it dry for a few minutes.  It is not going to give you a deep orange/brown tan look, but rather a nice touch of color that “glows” a bit. I’ve experimented with using make-up or foundations on my legs as well as various “tanners” and I just was not happy with the results.

Elizabeth had this comment:

So happy I found this! When I switched to all natural products I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to glowing skin but then I found this! I have used many similar products and this one is my favorite! It gives me a beautiful skin glow. I use it on my arms/legs/chest to give me a flawless look. Cant wait to wear this in the summer! 

Results: a healthy, natural look that won’t rub off on your clothes!

Check this “Tanner” out at:  www.weluvit.net   

While you are there you might want to investigate the Luminizer … another very unique product that I call “Angel Dust” for your face and neck! It gives this beautiful dusting of color and light shimmer.


Take a look also at the Ecru concealer.  It is so versatile …. I use it as a highlighter under my browbone and on my eyelids. WANT TO HIDE BLEMISHES OR AGE SPOTS??  Ecru is for you!!


PLUS after I line my lips I fill in the lips with the Ecru as my base before applying my lipstick …. it lips 7 hours after dentistfills-in the creases and also brightens the lipstick! Your lipstick will virtually stay on all day!!  At least it does for me. 

This is a picture of my lips at the end of the day after going to the dentist in the morning!! That’s 7-8 hours after application! It’s not as bright or fresh looking but there is still plenty of color.

Note: The Cocoa Glow Bronzer looks VERY dark as does the All Over Glow, Deeply Sun Kissed …. BUT looks are deceiving!  I use both of these and they work perfectly and I’m a light skinned blonde!  I love to give some contour to my face with the bronzer as you can see from my photo.  I apply bronzer to my upper forehead, hollow of my cheeks, sides of my nose, and in the jaw area.  To give a nice finished and blended look  …. I use the Bamboo loose powder or the Finishing Powder compact. Found under “cosmetics” … drop down to “face”.  www.weluvit.net


I’ve done this every day for all of my adult life.  I take a few minutes in the morning to look and feel good all day … it is so worth it!

PS:  I must mention our TOOTHPASTE!!  It is special and performs like no other.  I will do a separate post on it.

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