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Meology Assessment Has Real Benefits!

MEOLOGY Personalized Nutrition Packs https://meology.shaklee.com/ Just a quick little reminder to take the 6-7 minutes or so and take your Meology assessment. I found out something interesting! I am 47 and have been taking the Women’s Vitalizer for almost 2

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Impact of Taking a Multi-Vitamin Supplement

The Impact of Taking a Multi-Vitamin Supplement on Chronic Diseases from a presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, Professor at Tufts University   Studies show that by JUST the addition of a multivitamin supplement daily: • 50% reduction of stroke •

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Immune Mocktail

Immune Mocktail 1 packet Triple Defense Boost 8 oz. Sparkling water 2 oz. Pineapple or Cranberry juice A squeeze of lime or lemon Ice Cubes Be creative … add the Energizing Tea,  or one of the Hydrate products and if

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VITAMIN D CAN IMPACT: Skeletal problems Autoimmune disease Various cancers Brain function/Nervous system Heart disease Upper respiratory infections Inflammation Inflammatory bowel disease Obesity Given all of these vitamin D benefits, it’s unfortunate that so many people (at least 40 percent

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Vitalizer for a Brighter Morning

“I’ve been giving my whole family Vitalizer, including my two boys, ages 13 and 9. My boys have been getting right up in the morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed since taking Vitalizer! It used to be slow going in the morning

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Dr. Addresses Glucose Problems

Glucose Regulation Complex : Dr. Bill Feuerbacher, MD Responds To This Product. Dear Jim, Shaklee is onto something good! The Glucose Regulation Complex should be taken by almost everyone in the U.S. I have been concerned with the blood sugar

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