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NutriFeron Builds Immunity

NUTRIFERON IS FOR EVERYONE When my husband was found to have COPD, I started giving him a double dose (4 pills) a day of NutriFeron. Then when his tests with the pulmonary specialist started getting better, he reduced his dosage

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Prostate Health

Support for Men Over 40 Bonnie shares: “A healthy athletic gentleman in his early 70’s regularly took products for his prostate, but he was still up numerous times a night. After receiving the Shaklee Saw Palmetto as a gift, he

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MATT “ROCKED” THE CLEANSE Yay, Day 8 for my husband! He completed and rocked the “Prove It Challenge” cleanse! Matt is not a veggie eater and is a Dr. Pepper drinker! After sharing all my creative meals he decided to

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Finally I Got Relief! I suffered for many years from ulcerated colitis – an inflammatory condition of the large colon which produces burning, itching and diarrhea. I watched my diet very carefully and added the Shaklee supplements that are important

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Liver Enzymes, Hepatitis C, Interferon

Liver Enzymes Dropped from 800 to 34 Using Shaklee’s DTX & NutriFeron My husband had a terrible car accident and required to be transfused three different times. The blood supply was not screened for Hepatitis-C. As a result my husband

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