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Sinus and Allergy Relief

Seasonal Allergies Caused My Sinus Infections I had chronic sinus infections and was on antibx every 3 weeks. This caused so many issues health wise. At the end we found out it was undiagnosed seasonal allergies that caused me to

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THINK FAST …. STAY SHARP The brain’s neural connections start declining as early as age 20. By age 45, this decline occurs even more rapidly, which may lead to increased frequency of forgetfulness, poorer concentration & slower reaction times. How’s

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Arthritic Pain

Agonizing Pain At 73 years of age I was suffering from severe arthritis pain penetrating my joints, flesh and bones on my left arm all day and night. I was in agonizing pain; I combined a treatment of essential oils,

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Household Chemicals put Kids at Risk

Your Cleaners may be harming your kids! Researchers found that the frequency of infections among children was linked to higher amounts of bleach used by parents at home — and the differences were quite evident when it came to the

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9 month Old has Extreme Case of Eczema

Quick Results Last summer, my daughter visited us with her 9 month old twins. She stopped nursing when they were 3 months because they each had thrush. Her son had extreme eczema on his face and inside his elbows and

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