Enjoy the WINE … Ditch the Headaches

DROP The “Sulfites, Tannins & Headaches I’ve discovered an all natural product that is portable, inexpensive and simple to use and VERY EFFECTIVE. Folks are “enjoying” their glass of wine again without all the negatives. Note: Not a Shaklee product

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MATT “ROCKED” THE CLEANSE Yay, Day 8 for my husband! He completed and rocked the “Prove It Challenge” cleanse! Matt is not a veggie eater and is a Dr. Pepper drinker! After sharing all my creative meals he decided to

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Love These Cosmetics

Whether it’s natural tanning, hiding blemishes, long lasting lipsticks …. the “weluvit” cosmetics will not disappoint! Summer or Winter …. a touch of color is needed! Are you like me and refuse to go to the Tanning Salons but would

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No More “Waste”

Tired of throwing product away? “TIP” Cut the tube and you’ll find lots of product! Slide the two together to prevent the product from drying out.

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Basic H for Burns

No Blistering! I was ironing and accidentally dropped the iron onto the floor! As it fell it hit the inside of my right hand fingers. I quickly began to saturate the burned area with Shaklee’s Basic H. As the heat

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