Hand Wash + Body Wash + Hair Wash

Hello from Idaho! Just a few words about Shaklee’s wonderful Hand Wash! I’ve been using Shaklee products for years. But I really started using the Hand Wash just last  year. Because we had to wash our hands s at every turn,

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Drink Can Covers

Can Covers For Soda, Beer, Energy Drinks, Juice, Seltzer KEEP YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS CARBONATED AND FRESH FOR LONGER – These nifty fizz keepers is the perfect solution for those that don’t want to drink the full can of soda or

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Preserve Your Bananas

Bananas are a wonderful, tasty fruit that we love to add to our smoothies etc, but how does one keep them firm and just the right “ripeness”? First off … I put my less than ripe bananas in the refrigerator

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Flossing “Option”

Floss No More …. A HUGE Break-Through! At my Dental Check Up, I was introduced to the Waterpik Flosser. My dentist said that the original Waterpik was of very little benefit but that this new “pressure washer” type flosser has been

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Mosquito Repellent

Avoid Mosquito Bites Mosquito Repellent for Your Body Want a safe, non-toxic mosquito repellent solution?  Basic-H2 from Shaklee is the best!  Put on full strength or dilute in a spray bottle and spray on.  (1/2 H2 and the rest water) 

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Great Vacuum Cleaner!

Lorri’s Vacuum Cleaner Choice Windsor Sensor XP12 Commercial Vacuum I was so frustrated with Vacuum Cleaners holding up. The last two I bought were the expensive Riccar ($750-$1600.00!). They did not last … pieces started breaking and I had “duct

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