Can Covers

Can Covers For Soda, Beer, Energy Drinks, Juice, Seltzer KEEP YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS CARBONATED AND FRESH FOR LONGER – These nifty fizz keepers is the perfect solution for those that don’t want to drink the full can of soda or

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Preserve Your Bananas

Bananas are a wonderful, tasty fruit that we love to add to our smoothies etc, but how does one keep them firm and just the right “ripeness”? First off … I put my less than ripe bananas in the refrigerator

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Flossing “Option”

Floss No More …. A HUGE Break-Through! At my Dental Check Up, I was introduced to the Waterpik Flosser. My dentist said that the original Waterpik was of very little benefit but that this new “pressure washer” type flosser has been

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Mosquito Repellent

Avoid Mosquito Bites Mosquito Repellent for Your Body Want a safe, non-toxic mosquito repellent solution?  Basic-H2 from Shaklee is the best!  Put on full strength or dilute in a spray bottle and spray on.  (1/2 H2 and the rest water) 

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Great Vacuum Cleaner!

Lorri’s Vacuum Cleaner Choice Windsor Sensor XP12 Commercial Vacuum I was so frustrated with Vacuum Cleaners holding up. The last two I bought were the expensive Riccar ($750-$1600.00!). They did not last … pieces started breaking and I had “duct

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Epson Salts

Tips: Epson Salts … Benefits While in New York we attended the Dr. Oz show and became intrigued with the use of Epson Salts as this was one of their featured segments.  They gave us “Dr. Teal’s” Epson Salts which

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