Hand Wash + Body Wash + Hair Wash

Hand WashHello from Idaho!Debbie Sim

Just a few words about Shaklee’s wonderful Hand Wash!

I’ve been using Shaklee products for years. But I really started using the Hand Wash just last  year. Because we had to wash our hands s at every turn, my hands were so dry, they hurt. Once I started using the Hand Wash my skin wasn’t nearly as dry even with Idaho’s cold dry winters.

I’ve also used this product in my showers and baths as a body wash. My skin and hair are so soft and smooth. Yes! Used it on my hair.  Its great!

So when I order my vitamins,  I always order more Hand Wash.

Thank you Shaklee and Lorri.   Debbie S

Washing Hands


I make sure that every shower or tub has a good supply of Hand Wash. We love the smell, the texture and lather plus the fact that it is so gentle on our skin. I use it for shaving my legs as well. It’s concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Oh, and I can’t forget another little Shaklee secret …. When the water is running to fill the tub, add a few squirts of Basic H and your tub will stay squeaky clean and your water will be softer. It can also be used for shaving your legs. The razor glides along …. No cuts!       Lorri K

More great products:  www.weluvit.net