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Just a quick little reminder to take the 6-7 minutes or so and take your Meology assessment. I found out something interesting! I am 47 and have been taking the Women’s Vitalizer for almost 2 years now. When I took my assessment, it suggested Vitalizer Gold! Of course I got bent outta shape because hey! Stop rushing my age! I’ll switch in 3 years when I actually turn 50! When I read the “why” it made PERFECT SENSE. I happen to be pescatarian, and there are certain vitamins and minerals you miss out on when you don’t eat meat. So the Vitalizer Gold makes up for that.Vitalizer Gold

I love the new Meology because they analyze your answers and then explain why they choose a specific supplement for you. I now happen to be just fine with taking the Vitalizer Gold!  Lori D.

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