Most Decorated Diver in US History

Troy Dumais stood on the 3 meter springboard, breathedTroy Dumais Diving
deeply, raised his arms, then exploded into perfectly executed twists, turns, and flips that resulted
in not a splash, but a mere frothy bubbling of the water. It was one of perhaps millions of dives that ultimately resulted in a bronze medal in the 2012 London Games.He is one of the most decorated divers in US history.

Troy is retired now, but definitely still pushing hard. After Troy Dumaiscompeting for 32 years in springboard and platform diving, and then starting another professional career spending 3 1/2 years at Parker University to become a Doctor of Chiropractics, he said, “the only way I was able to complete these doctoral years and to keep my mental sharpness studying for my last board exams is with Shaklee
MindWorks and Shaklee plant based Vanilla Life Shake.” Congrats to Troy!