YOUTH “Regimen”

LOOK YOUNGER LONGER YOUTH Daily Steps: Luminous Gel Cleanser Perfecting Skin Toner Restoring Eye Treatment … see quick results! Hydrating Serum … increases hydration by 212% … without an oily feel. Activating Serum … major player to reverse aging skin!

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Dr. Blackburn … Telomere Expert

Dr. Blackburn makes this very affirmative statement as a result of the extensive Landmark 1 and Landmark 2 clinical studies. An excellent reminder that the cells of the human body are not fooled by advertising and marketing … they ONLY

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Basic G: Economical & Effective

Basic G is Enough Disinfectant for 10 Years! How excited am I that I’m purchasing a new bottle of Basic G today for a little over $17.00 ? Very! I use this every day for bathrooms, kitchen, pets, and all

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Amazing Tomato Cherry Burst Dish

Pasta with 15-Minute Burst Cherry Tomato Sauce HUGE FAVORITE Ingredients 1 pound pasta … any kind (I use the Rice pasta or Rice/Quinoa from Trader Joes) Kosher salt (I use Himalayan Pink Sea Salt) 1/2 cup olive oil 3-4 large

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Vanilla Chai Tea Shake

Yummy, Healthy Smoothie 2 scoops Life Shake Vanilla 1 cup milk of choice 1/3 cup brewed tea (unsweetened)- chilled Pinch of cinnamon Pinch of nutmeg Pinch of cardamon powder (optional) Ice as desired For more flavor, you can also add ginger

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