New & Improved ProSanté Hair Products

ProSanté Hair Products: A reformulation of our shampoo and conditioner leverages advances in hair care technology.

Hair_GirlHere’s what members of our Field test group had to say about the enhanced ProSanté Hair Products formulations:

“I tried the new products and I loved the consistency, the smell, and the way they lathered and worked in my hair. I get lots of compliments on my hair health, including from my hair stylist. These new products provided great moisture, shine and revitalization. Because they come from Shaklee, I know they’re the best for my scalp and for the overall health of my hair.” ~ Michele Lyon

“I couldn’t believe how little I used and how long it lasted. I liked the fresh, clean scent. I have very fine hair, so most shampoos are too heavy. I found my hair easy to manage.” ~ Lynn Benevento

Revitalizing Shampoo #31690; Replenishing Conditioner #31644