Prostate Health

Support for Men Over 40 Bonnie shares: “A healthy athletic gentleman in his early 70’s regularly took products for his prostate, but he was still up numerous times a night. After receiving the Shaklee Saw Palmetto as a gift, he

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MATT “ROCKED” THE CLEANSE Yay, Day 8 for my husband! He completed and rocked the “Prove It Challenge” cleanse! Matt is not a veggie eater and is a Dr. Pepper drinker! After sharing all my creative meals he decided to

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Finally I Got Relief! I suffered for many years from ulcerated colitis – an inflammatory condition of the large colon which produces burning, itching and diarrhea. I watched my diet very carefully and added the Shaklee supplements that are important

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Liver Enzymes, Hepatitis C, Interferon

Liver Enzymes Dropped from 800 to 34 Using Shaklee’s DTX & NutriFeron My husband had a terrible car accident and required to be transfused three different times. The blood supply was not screened for Hepatitis-C. As a result my husband

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Nature Bright to the Rescue

THIS PRODUCT REALLY PERFORMS! Wow! I am never disappointed, often surprised, at how well this non toxic, non bleach stain remover works. My old cutting board looks brand new. And look what it did to my friends old cabbage patch

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