Enjoy the WINE … Ditch the Headaches

DROP The “Sulfites, Tannins & HeadachesWine_2 glasses

I’ve discovered an all natural product that is portable, inexpensive and simple to use and VERY EFFECTIVE. Folks are “enjoying” their glass of wine again without all the negatives.

Note: Not a Shaklee product … You can find it on my website under “Personal & Health Care” www.weluvit.net

“My doctor warned me of the dangers of consuming sulfites, so this was an AMAZING discovery! I can now enjoy a glass of wine without the headache or other health concerns.” Lorri K



I have been a wine enthusiast for 10+ years, but over the last couple of years I have been suffering progressively worse from wine headaches, and I have been experiencing allergy-like symptoms after drinking wine; very bad sinus pressure, nasal congestion, low-grade itching. I tried to drink a glass of water for every glass of wine, but this was not giving me the relief I was hoping for. After having 2 glasses of Dark Horse Pinot Noir and experiencing another absolutely agonizing night of headache and congestion I finally started researching, found this, read the reviews and ordered it. I used 3 drops in a glass of wine, had 2 glasses of the Dark Horse Pinot Noir and found it REALLY HELPED ME! I had no horrible headache, no itching, very little congestion. Since then I’ve tried drinking a couple glasses of wine, red and white, without these and every time I have a wine headache and horrible allergy symptoms.” Leilan

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