Stains Away

“As a momBasic H2 of two children, one of my favorite products has to be Nature Bright.  It really works, and I know that stains from food, or from school, or playing outdoors can be removed safely and naturally without all the harsh chemicals!” MarcelaNature Bright

“A friend was about to throw out a beautiful cream colored cotton blanket that had blood stains. She was unable to get the set-in stains out. I asked her if I could take it home and see what I could do with it. I saturated the spots with an all purpose Basic H/Nature Bright solution (16 oz water, 1 Tbls. Basic H and 1 Tbls. Nature Bright) and then I rubbed in more Nature Bright. Next I placed it in a very large container of water and added 3 more tablespoons of Nature Bright. I let it soak for six hours. To my surprise, after only 30 minutes of soaking the stains started disappearing!
I have known Shaklee and it’s wonderful products all of my life, however, I still continue to be amazed at what they can do.” Yvonne M

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