Then there was Shaklee … and everything changed.

KrystleI was a collegiate volleyball player. I thought I was pretty healthy and in good shape. I had no idea that I was actually feeling mediocre and even pretty crappy a lot of days, and I was 15-20 pounds over my ideal healthy weight. I didn’t realize how unhealthy I really was.

You know why? Because if you feel that way day after day, you accept it as your normal. You never know that you could feel so much better until you experience amazing. You accept your health as “fine” without really knowing that there is another option.

Then Shaklee Came Into My Life:

I originally started with Shaklee’s OsteoMatrix due to severe leg cramps in both legs during my first pregnancy. I was taking a well known brand that came highly recommended at the Health Food Store already but obviously my body wasn’t absorbing what it actually needed. After suffering for 3 + weeks of leg cramps though the night I changed brands to Shaklee and from day on the problem was solved…no more leg cramps. Then eventually I got on the Vitalizer Plan and have used it the last 8 years. It’s been my prenatal for all 3 kids and I still use it.

When you fill the gaps of your daily diet with these amazing supplements you develop a firm foundation.  Your mind and body all start to change. You begin to have the energy and motivation to eat better and stay active. The Shaklee Life Shake really helped to burn lots of fat and build lean muscle too.

Krystle family

Talk about Life Changing!!   I can’t keep it to myself!

How blessed am I that I can raise my 3 precious kids with all of this health giving knowledge.